Ankle Sprain/Ligament Tears

Ankle pain from arthritis may be due to instability of the ankle joint. If there has been an ankle ligament injury or chronic sprains in the ankle joint, there may be increased abnormal motion through the ankle joint that causes wearing down of the joint and pain. The ankle ligaments are responsible for holding the ankle in proper position and allowing normal and controlled motion of the ankle joint. If the ligaments on either side of the ankle are loose or torn, the ankle will sit in an abnormal angled position resulting in increased pressure in some regions and no pressure in other regions. This, like a tire that is not balanced, will result in wearing down of the joint.

Chronic Ankle Sprains

Chronic ankle sprains can also result in ankle cartilage damage. The bones that make up the ankle joint can be crushed against each other during the rotation forces of an ankle sprain resulting in cartilage damage and pain in the ankle joint. If left untreated, cystic changes and arthritis can develop in the damaged region.

Chronic Ankle Ligament Injuries

Over an extended period of ligament injury, the tendons on either side of the ankle can get overworked stabilizing the ankle joint instead of their primary function as movers of the ankle and foot. This overstress can resulting in tearing of the tendons and increased pain about the ankle.

Ankle Sprain and Ligament Specialists

The Ankle Arthritis Institute has extensive experience in ankle sprain, instability and ankle ligament injuries. Not only are the ligaments, tendons and cartilage able to be repaired and treated, our ankle doctors and surgeons can repair many problems with combinations of platelet rich plasma, stem cell therapy and ankle cartilage replacement for more minimally invasive options. From diagnosis to advanced therapeutics to surgical innovation, our team can treat any ankle problem, ankle ligament injury, tendon tear or cartilage damage with expertise and compassion.